Five for Friday – April 3rd



An updated look at my personal planner!


This week marked the start of the school holidays. How did I spend my first day? In the classroom gluing work into portfolios. I think I worked it out to be around 430+ pages glued in, using up all 24 of the half-used gluesticks on the tables, for about 4 hours. But it’s done. That’s the most important thing, right?!



Take it to Tuesday and the first ‘official’ day of holiday break with no school work planned. I started the day with a banana and raspberry smoothie and some reading. (Oh, and the puppy got to go for a walk, too!)



I’ve discovered something truly fun making the rounds in the planner and youtube community – Pocket Letters. Basically, pen pal letters in trading card sleeves with fun little goodies tucked away inside for the recipient. This is actually one I made for my Etsy store as a planner embellishment kit for sale.

Would like to do one as a pen pal swap at some point, though! (Excellent for destashing all those crafty things I’ve accumulated!)



I’ve been making these sparkly little paperclips all week! Hoping to have a video tutorial up soon!



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