Five For Friday – August 22nd

Back for another week!



I’ve started a youtube channel for my non-teaching videos! Last weekend I put up my first personal planner set-up video and a Memebox unboxing!


This week is Book Week – and our school celebrates by exploring the Shortlisted books and doing a whole host of book-themed art activities!

On Monday we read I’m a Dirty Dinosaur and made these fun dinosaur pictures – using our hands to stamp a shape like a dinosaur.

(These are still a bit of a work in progress – even on Friday! – because we need to add a few more details, but they’re super cute!)


On Tuesday we read The Windy Farm (which is quite a funny little book!) and made our own windy farms with windmills!

These are probably my favourite art activity for the week!



Every year we make an art piece that will be printed on calendars, notecards, notebooks (etc) as a fundraising project.

I got this idea from my good friend, Tania (from Mrs. Poultney’s Ponderings), and read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds and made these fun little dot/circle pictures to put on the calendars. They’re bright and colourful!



As part of Book Week we have a whole school Book Parade and everyone comes dressed as their favourite book character. This year I made my very own, over-sized paper bag costume and went as Princess Elizabeth, from The Paper Bag Princess.

I felt ridiculous, but it was still a lot of fun!


Have a great Friday, friends!


4 thoughts on “Five For Friday – August 22nd

    • We do!

      Here in Australia, this week was Book Week and the Children’s Book Council of Australia shortlists a collection of quality children’s literature into a range of categories and then celebrates the winners. In our school, we celebrate all the winners and shortlisted books by reading and discussing them, completing art activities and having our Book Parade. We also invite Grandparents to the Book Parade and then back into the classroom for book-themed activities.

      We also have a Book Fair, held in our library, and students can visit and purchase books before and after school, or with their Grandparents while they’re visiting the classrooms.

      It’s a lot of fun!

      For more information about this year’s shortlisted books, check out this link:


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