Teacher Moment #1

I’m ten kinds of exhausted right now – but that’s a story for another day.

I have a wonderful teaching anecdote that came from our Investigations session today.

Our new dramatic play scene is a school – we have a lovely little corner, complete with ‘mat’ (actually off-cuts of our tiger turf), blackboards and chalk, giant magnetic letters, teacher station (magnetic whiteboard/drawers/supplies), teacher desk, etc.

Being the first session in a new rotation, my entire class went out (including my Grade 1s). I think I’ve mentioned before that Investigations, at my school, is for the Preps. Anyway…

My Grade 1s made a beeline (running NOT walking) for the school space, all desperate to be the teacher.

Which should be a good sign, right?

20 minutes passed. Then, one of my little cherubs ended up in tears. She was quite beside herself.

When she calmed down enough, she explained that she was upset because no one (the students) was listening to her.

To which I replied… ‘Now you know how I feel sometimes.’

At which point, I saw the glimmer of realisation dawn in my young friend. (And her friends.)

It was one of those very unexpected, very real experiences.

How’s your week going?