School Concert Craziness!

So, some of you have heard my random concert ramblings on and off for the last five weeks.

Well, it’s show time for our little school concert. Literally. We have two performances this week – Monday and Wednesday night, and I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

Not that I don’t enjoy it – because it has been a lot of fun. But, whenever teachers have a lot of fun, there’s usually quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work going on, and this is no exception.

I’ve added to my teacher skill set – singing, choreographing, dancing, costume-making, and set designing.

I’m even going to be front-row for our staff number (yes, the teachers sing and dance, too, folks!) while dressed as a nun.

No, I’m not kidding.

Our theme this year is At the Movies – so all our songs come from movies.

My little kiddos are dancing to Shake a Tail Feather and I Like to Move It! I’m SO proud of them already – they know their dances, they try to sing (even though they’re dancing so much they’re out of breath most of the time!) and they SMILE in front of the audience.

And the really nice thing about doing concert with Prep/Grade 1s? They’ll dance with a partner without complaint. Which is good, because Shake a Tail Feather is a partner dance.

My Grade 1s helped choreograph the dance to I Like to Move It! They did such a good job, even if it’s like doing an aerobic workout. (I know, I’ve danced it that often with them!)

Keep your fingers-crossed for my little ones!

Also for me. In my nun’s habit. Dancing to Shout from Sister Act. (I’m NOT a dancer. At all. This has major disaster potential!)

But what I want to show you today is some of the amazing set pieces we’ve got – all on a fly, coming down from the roof!

I’ve helped on a lot of these pieces (not all of them), but given my recent success with my cardboard post office box and my set piece successes, clearly I’ve got a options if teaching falls through for me!

These buildings are for Shake a Tail Feather and Funky Town and I consider them my baby! All the buildings are 2.8m tall and will be dropped down from the roof to the floor for the dances. I think they look fabulous (even if the orange building seems to have lost a window…)! Great teamwork went into painting them and designing the windows. 😉

I didn’t paint the rainbow – well, I helped paint the black outlines between the colours – and it’s not for any of my class’ songs, but I love it. It’s huge! It’s 3-4m wide and sturdy and awesome. It’s being used for performances of Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows and True Colours.

After it was painted, the cardboard started to warp… did you know painting the back of cardboard that’s warped with water helps it to flatten out again? I didn’t, but I do know now!

This is the giant sun. I didn’t paint this one either, but I did stick a bucketload of cellophane and glitter onto it! It’s for I Like to Move It! and Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows.

This moon is being used in Thriller and another song that I can’t remember. But it looks FABULOUS and it sparkles, too! It was painted grey… until a colleague of mine got out the spray paint, kinder circles and glitter and attacked it and turned it into the masterpiece before you! 😛

But… essentially, that’s how I’ve spent my time from 4pm-5:30pm for the last week. Making sets.

We’re (the teachers who worked on them) are really proud of them. I’m going to take photos of them on the stage and share them later (and possibly a photo of me in costume…. you never know…).

If I’m not around much this week, you know why!

Does your school do a concert? What sort of themes have you had?