Celebrating Birthdays in the Classroom


I’m so excited to finally be able to share this with you – this has been in the works for a very long time. It was my ‘when I get a chance’ project,  and now it’s complete and uploaded and ready for use! My Birthday pack.

I don’t know about you, but I love celebrating student birthdays in the classroom. For a lot of kids these days, it’s difficult for their families to throw big birthday parties or gatherings for their classmates. Oftentimes, it’s just a few friends who can go as families try to save money. By celebrating in the classroom, everyone joins in, everyone gets to participate and the birthday child feels like the center of their friends’ worlds for the day.

My birthday pack features a whole lot of decorative elements for your classroom as well as simple printables that can be completed by the birthday child and their peers as memorable keepsakes for their special day! All of these are activities or elements that I have used in my classroom over the last six years of teaching Foundation and Foundation/Grade 1 classes. (Tried and tested, if you will!)



Classroom Decorative Elements

Balloon Pencil/Straw Toppers (BLM and colour)
Birthday Display Bunting (BLM and colour)
Birthday (Month) Display Balloons (BLM and colour
Printable Stickers/Badges (Colour only)
Pencil/Straw Flags (Colour only)


Birthday Keepsakes

Birthday Bracelets (BLM only)**
Birthday Hats, 2 Designs (BLM only)**
Birthday Lanyards (BLM and colour)
Birthday Books, Half-Page (BLM and colour)
Birthday Books, Full-Page (BLM and colour)

** each design contains a generic birthday greeting, as well as ages from 4-8 years.


I love preparing birthday books for all the students in my class, ready for each student to fill in a page for the birthday child. I find that the books make a beautiful keepsake for the child and their family. A memory of the time spent with their class in their first year of schooling.

I hope that you have the opportunity to take a look at my Birthday Pack. It’s 50% off for the first 24 hours, so if you’re looking for some birthday activities for the classroom, grab it while it’s on sale!