Teacher On Holiday!

Hello, my wonderful teacher friends!

It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve been on my blog, and I have no excuses. This year has been a bit difficult for me in my career (as well as also very rewarding at the same time) which has made it difficult to find inspiration for my blog. But I think I’m getting it back.

One thing that has been floating around my head for an absolute age is that I’m looking to change up my blog/TPT title. I’ve already got a domain name in place and over the next few months, you’re slowly going to see everything change over.  It’s going to take a while, so bear with me, but I’m really happy with my decision.

So stay tuned!

In other news, Spring has sprung here in Australia, and I’m in the last few days of the term three school holidays. I’ve survived a concert term, my birthday, and a whole lot of bookish events in the last few months and I’ve been enjoying taking time to recharge and get myself ready for the last term of our school year.

(No idea yet what I’ll be teaching in 2018, but I’ll keep you all posted!)

One of my new favourite ways to look after myself is to make a Smoothie Bowl for breakfast.

Now, I’m still new to this, but I’m getting better at it and at putting different combinations together.  As someone who’s never been a big breakfast fan, this is a change of pace for me, but something that I’m greatly enjoying.

I’ve also made time to read, read, read.

I was given a stack of books from our school library over the school holidays:

It’s been fantastic to read some books that I know will be on the shelves for the kids at school to pick up – I foresee great conversations up ahead. (Except The Special Ones, which I was reading to see if it was too advanced/inappropriate for a primary school, and yes, it is, but still a good book.)

I’ve also been reading plenty of other books, both adult and young adult fiction.

(I may have also started to get back into a little bit of yoga practise. A tiny bit.)

Ultimately, these things have helped me to settle back into myself after a stressful work period.

Stay tuned for future months as I begin to share a few more school-related posts – I’ve got a big post prepared for Melbourne Cup in November (especially for Aussie teachers), plus a few things on immersion and a creative approach to planning.

What are you keys to unwinding after a busy time period?



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