Review | Australian Curriculum “Health”


The second book R.I.C. Publications sent me for review this month was their new Australian Curriculum “Health” resource book for Foundation. This resource is available for Foundation – Year 6 (each level with it’s own resource book) and aligns to the Personal, social and community health strand of Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education.

As with all R.I.C. Publication’s books, it is designed to support teachers in implementing the curriculum.

This particular resource consists of 20 units that cover the three sub-strands:

  • Being healthy, safe and active
  • Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing
  • Contributing to healthy and active communities


Each unit with this book consists of a detailed lesson plan that includes an introductiondevelopment (including differentiation) and a concluding task. All Australian Curriculum outcomes are clearly outlined, as well as the provided resources, assessment options and ways of extending the content further.

The resources included are large and clear (which is very important in the Foundation years) and include a range of cut and paste and recording options, props for interactive lessons and stories for teaching concepts.


Where available there are links to online resources of videos that are age-level and content appropriate.


I am really pleased to see resources for feelings that very young children feel often but don’t often have the language or skills yet to deal with themselves. The units on Feeling Left Out and Taking Risks really struck me as being spot-on for targeting areas that are difficult for my young students. I love that the lessons are taught through simple stories that students can easily relate to.

The other unit that I think is highly important is Being kind, fair and respectful and it includes a great set of puppets for students to make and scenarios for them to explore what it means to be kind, fair and respectful which is so incredibly important for young learners.

As always, this resource has been designed with R.I.C. Publication’s trademark clean, simple styling. They don’t overpower any of the pages with unnecessary illustrations (unless they demonstrate a point) and the pages designed for students to use have simple phrases that students can read independently or with minimal support.

This is a wonderful resource for any teacher who teaches the Health curriculum but doesn’t know where to start (or those of us who love fresh, new ideas!). The lessons are simple and clear and easy to understand and implement.

If you would like additional information about the other books in this series, please check out the publisher’s website here. You’re able to preview all of the books in full.

Thank you to R.I.C. Publications for the opportunity to check out and review this title.

I received this title from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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