Five for Friday | March 25th 2016



I spent Monday afternoon prepping my Easter gifts for students. No chocolates (too many allergies in my class this year) but found these fun polka-dotted plastic eggs and filled them with foam stickers and Easter-themed confetti pieces!



This was a quote that I heard this week and absolutely loved.



This week my school had their first ever House Spirit Day. There was a competition for most decorated staff member. (I didn’t win, alas.) But it’s always fun when you make a ridiculous fool of yourself for the kids!




My mum made some rainbow-coloured Easter cupcakes last night. She iced them and then I added the speckled M&Ms to the top. They taste pretty good, too.




I received my Easter-themed Goodie Box this week (see an unboxing video here) and I made these cute little bunny boxes for Easter gifts for Sunday. So cute!


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

4 thoughts on “Five for Friday | March 25th 2016

  1. Speckled M&Ms?? Is it possible I have MISSED an M&M version?? And you look adorable in your red get-ups. As I’ve often said on our monthly school spirit days, “I’m a kindergarten teacher and I have no pride” 🙂 See you around! Kathleen


    • I hadn’t heard about the Speckled M&Ms until a colleague told me and then Mum had a pack for the cupcakes. They’re crispy M&Ms in the shape of eggs for Easter.


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