Speaking & Listening are crucial

Today I was watching a replay of one of Jen Jones’ periscopes and one particular quote struck me:


Here in Australia, Speaking & Listening has been a part of our English assessment strands for as long as I’ve been teaching, so I know the importance of giving students the time to and space to present and share their learning and understandings with an audience.

When students have an authentic audience – not just the teacher – they have a reason and purpose for writing, and also presenting. Both writing and speaking and listening are the ‘output’ (compared to reading’s ‘input’) and are crucial to teach and model daily.

I think the conversation had in this Periscope was a great reminder that we shouldn’t just focus on reading skills (which are definitely important, don’t get me wrong), but also provide our students with regular opportunities to speak and share their learning daily.

With that in mind, what are your favourite ways to include speaking and listening practise during the day?

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