Five for Friday | March 11, 2016


I barely took any photos this week and was worried I wouldn’t even have 5 different activities from my classroom and/or teaching life this week, but amazingly I did. This makes me super happy, because it has been a very, very long week this week!

This week, one of our Investigations science/art activities was salt paintings. This is was the first time I’ve tried this activity with the kids in Investigations (thanks to my lovely team member, Jacinta, for suggesting it!). The kiddos absolutely adore it and came up with some great random glue patterns and had a ball dropping food colouring on to it!


Tuesday’s weather was horrible. (Horrible as in waaaay too hot.) Very unpleasant. Looking forward to cooler weather in the coming months.


Because of the hot weather and planning week we’ve had a bit of quiet developmental play in the afternoons after pack-up. I’m so pleased my kiddos are choosing to explore with maths materials and manipulatives. On Tuesday, the only materials they requested were from the maths supplies – teddies, pattern blocks, Unifix cubes, and MAB. They came up with some very creative ways to use them, too!

We’ve been scheduling in some directed drawing tasks to our writing program. I have a lot of reluctant writers and drawers so this has been a great way to engage them in some drawing and also shared pen writing, too. This week we drew our friend, Pete the Cat. (Although not everyone remembered that Pete was blue. But as Pete would say, it’s all good.)


This morning I woke up to find out that (at least) 5 people have signed up to GoNoodle through my referral links, which is so great! You all know I’m such a fan of the site and the fun, short activities to break up the day, and I’m so pleased some of you are trying it out for the first time! I hope you love it!


And that’s it from me for this week. If you haven’t already, go check out this week’s Tuesday Tip – 5 Ways to End the Day and let me know your tips for the end of the day!

We have a long weekend here in Melbourne, so I’m keen to take a moment to chill out and relax and regroup for the last two weeks before our Autumn break. I hope everyone else has a fabulous weekend, too!

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