Five for Friday | March 5


A bit late this week, but it’s been crazy!

We’ve been exploring 2D shapes as part of our applied maths lessons over the last few weeks. We had a lot of fun looking through magazines and finding circles, squares, rectangles and triangles in the shape of real life objects. The kiddos worked in their table groups on a particular shape, but they were getting up and sharing their ‘found’ shapes with other tables, too! They were so sweet!


Our school has a fete coming up in a few weeks, and one of the stalls is a silent auction for artwork on canvas created by each class during their Art lessons.  My kiddos’ art teacher and I spent a lot of time loving on how my class’ canvas turned out! All the kiddos helped create the butterfly paper using dispersion paper. (Many thanks to the parent helpers who helped cut out the butterflies and put the canvas together!)54F_201635_02

Quick tip: if you find yourself lacking display space (which I am) in the classroom, turn displays into class books and then they’re much easier to have in the classroom all year round! Those 2D shape posters we made above? Are now in a book that the kiddos have been flipping through all week!

One of my team members found this fun shape pizza idea on Pinterest and came up with a version that was appropriate to our kiddos. We spent our Friday after lunch making our wonderful shape pizzas – the kiddos loved ‘shopping’ for pizza ingredients and having a go at counting how many of each shape they used! Can’t wait to find somewhere to put these on display!54F_201635_04a

Friday was a big day for us. We had Ride to School, 35+ degree (celsius) weather and lots of disruptions to our regular program. In the afternoon, we needed a bit of down-time, so I asked the kiddos what they would like to have a ten-minute play/explore with from the classroom. And guess what? Everything they picked was from a maths lesson! (This makes me so happy.) Teddy patterns, MAB exploration, pattern blocks… Go kiddos!54F_201635_05

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