Stopping Pen Bleed-Through


Every day, in classrooms all over the place, teachers are writing on chart paper.

Am I right?!

If you’re anything like me, I like to use Sharpie pens. I like the way they write, and I like the bright, bold colours that stand out and are clear to read.

But I hate the bleed-through on the back because there’s nothing more annoying than scrubbing Sharpie off your whiteboard because you had the paper leaning on it.

Thus, I bring you this week’s tip:


I’m the teacher who likes to work in a Spiral paper pad. Mostly because there’s a whole ton of paper in a pad and it keeps it nice and safe and when we’re ready to put a chart up, I can pull it out and hang it up. Plus, the paper is nice to write on, too!TTT_penbleedthrough001

Here’s my big tip. If you use a paper pad, TURN IT TO THE BACK.TTT_penbleedthrough002When you want to write on the pad, open the pad backwards from the back and word on the last page – that way the paper you’re working on is the one leaning against the back cover of the book. If you have any bleed-through, it gets on the back of the pad (and since I’m only going to throw it out when the pad is empty, it doesn’t make a difference)!


Next time you write, you don’t have to worry about pens leaving marks on the surfaces beneath!TTT_penbleedthrough004 TTT_penbleedthrough005

Alternatively: if you don’t have a paper pad like this, find a piece of a cardboard box that you can store flat in your classroom and clip your chart paper to it. Then you can write anywhere and everywhere without worrying about getting marker pen everywhere!

As always, if you have any other tips, leave them in the comments below and until next time, happy teaching, friends!

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