Five for Friday | February 12th



This week we were looking at the sound /m/ so we read The Magic Hat by Mem Fox and made these cute painted/glittered Magic Hats that we were then able to hang on our deck window! Every year I do some sort of Magic Hat activity (whether it’s painting/decorating a picture of a hat or making an actual hat/crown). These ones were fun, bright and covered in glitter pieces!



We started Investigations this week. The kids loved using the BeeBots and making letters using glass beads!

54F_Feb12_002 54F_Feb12_004


Another super popular Investigations activity was this Fizzy Paint activity using baking soda, food dye and vinegar. It’s hard to see in these pictures, but the ‘paint’ dries super sparkly and has an awesome texture!



We’ve been practising some directed drawings this week and then writing about them. Today, we shared the pen to write the sentence I see a mouse. This was the kids first go at writing on the IWB, too. I foresee a lot more shared pen writing in the future!



I completely forgot to take a photo of my Valentine’s Day gifts for students, but I did remember to snap a photo of our poem/song for the day from my Ten Little Hearts poem pack. The kiddos had a ball singing this today and were very excited to take home a copy to teach their families. We had a big chat about making sure they tell all the people they love that they love them lots this weekend!


I hope you’ve all had a marvellous week! I can’t wait to see what everyone else got up to!

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