Handwriting Bags


Hello teacher friends!

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful start to the week.

This week has been absolutely full-on, and it’s only Tuesday! Since my last Teacher Tip Tuesday I’ve started the new teaching year with my lovely Foundation class. We’re three days in to learning new rules, routines and what school’s all about.

(And I’m one tired teacher!)

This week I’m going to throw-back to one of my most popular blog posts from 20145 and 2015 because I have quite a few new readers and it’s great to highlight tips that work year after year!

Handwriting Bags

I love to set up handwriting bags each year for students. These are handy, go-to bags that the kids keep in their chair-bags (you could also keep them in tubs) and work great for practising letter formation – both in formal handwriting lessons and as early finishers practise.

Each child has 1 A4 laminated page with Vic Modern Cursive alphabets in upper and lowercase letters, a small whiteboard, a whiteboard marker, a cut-up piece of Magic Eraser and a small tub of play dough. It all goes in a Snaplock bag and you’re ready to go.

It’s also great when you need the whole class to have their own whiteboards and pens because you can just say ‘Everyone get their whiteboard and marker and come to the floor.’

If you’d like more detail about these bags, click this link to visit a more detailed post.

I also have a version of my placemat available for Victorian teachers in my TpT store, and you can find it by clicking the image below:


Thanks for stopping by – don’t forget to leave your handwriting tips in the comments below.

Stay tuned next week for a brand new tip! Have an amazing week in your classrooms!

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