Five for Friday | Jan 22, 2016


It’s that time of the week again!


I don’t post too much about my planners over on this blog anymore, but I am loving the Summer we’re having here and it’s been very inspiring to find bright, summer-inspired stickers and paper pieces for my weekly layouts. (This one has a process video here.)



I got a burst of inspiration during the week and made this fun alphabet matching game. It’s currently 50% off in my store.



This week marked 1.5 weeks to go until school starts for the year. I was so happy to catch up with my team leader from last year for afternoon tea on Tuesday. I had this yummy Laurent raspberry eclair. (I also had a great chat and got loads of good advice for leading a team this year!)



If you’ve been reading my blog for anything length of time, you’ll know that I love a good subscription box! This is the Goodie Box – a craft DIY themed box – made in Melbourne. I have an unboxing video here, and if you’re Aussie and you love stickers, bags, bunting and being creative, it’s well-worth checking out!



Today I spent 8 hours in the classroom (with my lovely Mum who helped clean and tidy!) going from a very stressful situation to a room that feels more and more like my classroom. Once it’s completely done, I might do a room tour. (Or maybe a Periscope, if there’s enough interest?)

54F_Jan222016_5 54F_Jan222016_6

I hope everyone’s had an amazing week. Enjoy your weekend, friends – you deserve it!

4 thoughts on “Five for Friday | Jan 22, 2016

    • Thanks, Kylie. Wherever I had pinboard, I’ve covered them with fabric (it’s actually the fabric I had in my last room for 4 years so it’s not as bright as it used to be, but it still brightens the room). I’ve added lots of things, like my Thinking Hats (above the IWB), the birthday balloon displays and a few other bits and pieces that needed to go up on the walls.


    • It’s pretty weird to think about – I feel the same way when you guys head back in August/September (because we’re starting to countdown to the end of the year down here!

      And thank you! My planner is my creative release… and motivation to plan things out for myself!


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