Be Inspired with TPT’s Sitewide Sale!


It’s back to school time here in the Southern Hemisphere, and TPT’s helping everyone celebrate the new year with a site wide sale. This is a great time to pick up those things that have been sitting in your wish list for a while. Don’t forget to use the code START16 at checkout to make sure you get the full 28% off!

In case you need some inspiration, I’ve put together some resources that might help you out in the next few months!

Back to School Resources


Vic Handwriting Placemats | Word Wall Alphabet Display | Start Write Away Class Books | School Makes Me Cool

Alphabet Resources


Alphabet Posters | My Little Alphabet Books | I Have Who Has Alphabet Edition | Alphabet Superbundle

Maths Resources


Put Your Ducks in Order (Ordinal Numbers) | Serving Up Numbers (0-20) | Peas on a Plate (Subitizing) | Serving Up Donut Numbers (0-20)

Seasonal Resources


Love in a Box | Ten Little Hearts | Valentine’s Day Sentence SortsSlide5

Mother’s Day Activities | You Make My Heart Bloom | Love Bird Alphabet MatchSlide4

Bunnies Love Jellybeans | Sight Word Crash | Letter and Word Sort

Happy shopping!

Don’t forget to share what’s on your wish list in the comments, too! I’d love to get ideas from your guys on what’s your MUST HAVE items!

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