Five for Friday | January 8th


Hi friends! I’m joining in the Friday linky party fun and sharing some moments from this week. Here in Australia we’re on our Summer break, so keep that in mind!


I made a trip into the city this week. I don’t do it often anymore  – I used to be in there all the time when I went to uni and worked at Melbourne Central. Now it’s a treat to just go in and wander!




One reason for my trip in the city was to spend a voucher from my lovely students and their families that I received at the end of 2015. I found this gorgeous, hardcover coffee table book. It’s Star Wars. Of course I bought it!



I’m spending a few minutes each day doing a daily drawing challenge over at Creative Bug.



I was totally spoiled this week by my lovely friend in the US who sent me a HUGE happy mail box of goodies. These are some of the stationary things she sent. My cupboard is full of food (which is good, because I’m on holidays, right?!).




Today I had the pleasure of catching up with 4 beautiful Victorian teacher bloggers – Paula (Paula’s Place), Jemima (Jem’s Bright Buttons), Bec (Stars and Wishes) and Chantelle (Miss Jacob’s Little Learners). It’s always such a treat to sit down and chat to these lovely ladies!


I hope everyone has a fabulous start to their weekend!

Check back on my blog this weekend for a labelling freebie that’s coming up!

4 thoughts on “Five for Friday | January 8th

  1. I must admit I’m only a new fan of Star Wars! Loved the movie! Thanks for sharing the knowledge of Summer Break! I have always wanted to visit Australia. It’s on the top of my list! Happy Summer Break!


    • Star Wars is great! The new movie is pretty good, so if you enjoyed it, you’d enjoy the original three films!

      And yes, come visit Australia! We might be a long way away from everything, but it’s well worth the trip!


  2. I’m feeling chilly and cold here in the U.S., so I’m slightly envious of the fact that it’s summer in Australia. That book looks fabulous! I saw the first (now called the FOURTH) Star Wars movie when I was 7 at the theater. I haven’t seen the newest one. My husband and I will probably wait until we can stream it into our living room! Enjoy the rest of your summer break!
    Laughter and Consistency


    • Thanks, Jan!

      A New Hope remains my favourite Star Wars film – my parents introduced it to me when I was pretty young, too. The new film is not too bad; it’s very reminiscent of those original films, so if you enjoyed those, you’ll enjoy this one!


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