Currently | January 2016


I am linking up with Farley again for this month’s Currently post! Happy New Year, friends!


listening // I love Kelly Clarkson and this is one my favourite songs of her Piece by Piece album.

loving // Lazy mornings. It’s nice to be able to lay around in bed, curled up with the puppy and not have to run out of bed at 6am like a crazy person.

thinking // There are things on my Summer break to-do list that need to be done before the new school year starts. I’m trying to spread them out though so it doesn’t feel like work.

wanting // I’ll struggle with being more active for the rest of my life. I don’t enjoy it and have to be in the right mood. I’ll keep working at it.

needing // I have 28 books sitting in two piles that I need to read. Plus the other books on my bookshelf that have also been added to the list. (Hey, I got through 5 books in two weeks in the first part of the holidays… I can make a dent in this new list, right?!)

one little word // This year, my word is courage. I’ve blogged a bit about it here if you’re curious about my reasons for the word. I’ve got a bit year up ahead, so I need to remember this one!

7 thoughts on “Currently | January 2016

    • It’s always hard imagining the opposite season! (To be honest, I wish it were Winter, because it’s been very hot here the last few days!)


  1. I love your one little word! It’s a fitting word in so many ways! The word I chose was “excited”! As this year unfolds I am just going to be ready for each new event! Have a great January!


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