Elf on the (Classroom) Shelf!



Hello, friends!


It’s been way too long. The last few months have been very hectic and the end of the school year is fast approaching here in Australia. Friday is our last day and after our Summer break I’ll return to a brand new group of Foundation students.

But, it’s December, and that means the Elf on the Shelf is back and up to mischief.

In November my students wrote to Elfina (who has quite the reputation now) to see if she would visit for a third year.

Lo and behold, on the 1st day of December, look who turned up:



She made special books for the kids…



Someone needs to buy Elfina some skydiving lessons… she always lands on the fan and gets stuck…



We had a new elf visit for the day. Buddy was travelling between houses and spent some time checking up on us for the day.ElfontheShelf2015_04


Efina and Toby hung out reading Christmas books today.ElfontheShelf2015_05


Elfina’s friend from one of the Grade 1 classrooms, Mr. Magic, returned our Pigeon… and a bus!ElfontheShelf2015_06


Today was a chilled out day in the stockings. The kiddos were greatly relieved she wasn’t in the day’s stocking.ElfontheShelf2015_07


Every year Elfina has a marshmallow fight with Hush. Round Three. Not sure who won…ElfontheShelf2015_08



Do YOU want to build a snowman?


Elfina and Mr. Magic had some fun with the photocopier. These are two cheeky elves!



Check out Elfina and Mr. Magic’s other adventures on Instagram, and let me know if you’re doing Elf on the Shelf, too. I love seeing other people’s ideas!

Happy Sunday!

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