Five for Friday (Sept 25th)




I’m on Term 3 holidays at the moment here in Melbourne, and that’s meant sleep-ins and doing general computer work in bed (because hey, I can, right?!). It also means puppy cuddles. Clearly Benny does not like me working on the computer and this is his way of reminding me that he’s clearly cuter!



I made a trip to the local art store AND THEY HAD HALLOWEEN STUFF! *cough*
(Sorry about that. I just can’t help myself! I’m that crazy Australian Halloween fan. It’s just my holiday!)



I got conned into having a hit of tennis the other day. I’ve not hit a tennis ball with a tennis racquet in at least 10 years. (And no, I was no magically still good at it!)



Mum made these today. Suffice to say, they did not last long.

Plus, she didn’t like the hot pink icing, whereas, I? LOVED it!



Got out some paint today and just had a play. Hot pinks and oranges and blacks, oh my!


That is a snippet of my week. If you’re curious to find out more of the goings on in my life this month, I’ve been blogging every day on my crafty blog the Noveltea Corner as part of Blog-tember. There’s been a lot of fun things going on!

Until next time, my friends, have a fabulous Friday!


One thought on “Five for Friday (Sept 25th)

  1. Ahh how sweet is your dog! I love the look of those little cakes/biscuits your mum made! What are they? They look fabulous! Also love your little clipart of you? It’s brilliant! I love halloween too! Currently trying to find an outfit for a halloween party – but none are THE ONE yet! AHH! Have a great Halloween i’m sure you’ll enjoy it!


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