Five for Friday, September 18



I’ve been working on designing some journaling cards for my Project Life projects using digital stamps by Kellie Stamps.



Some fun happy mail arrived, in the form of traveller’s notebook inserts from HelloTodayCreate.



Wednesday and Thursday were our school concert notes. Even the teachers had a number. We were minions. I looked ridiculous. I guess that was the point. 😛



The star prop of our concert – a full size TARDIS. Hoping the school doesn’t get rid of it. No other school in our area can (currently) claim to have a Time Machine, right?! (Plus, I want to turn it into a fun reading nook for the kiddos.)



It was my birthday on Thursday. I’ve had lots of lovely birthday wishes and I treasure each one. However, between work and concert I don’t actually think I celebrated my birthday and by Friday I really didn’t feel like it either. It’s been kind of a non-event.

But there was cheesecake with Mum and Dad at about 11pm on the day. That’s gotta count for something, right?!



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