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Slide1Hi guys!

I’m back toward with the first of approximately 3 posts that I hope to have up this week showcasing some of the new Australian Curriculum-linked resources produced by R.I.C. Publications. (

Some of you may remember that I did some reviews last year, and when I received an email asking if I was interested in doing some more reviews, I was really excited because the resources R.I.C. produce are always of very high quality and perfect for classroom use! To that end, a disclaimer that all products in this post were sent to me to review, and all opinions are my own!



First up, I’ll talk a bit about the Australian Curriculum Literacy series ($39.95). I received the Foundation book (perfect for Kinder/Prep/Foundation students). This series is designed to focus on the sub-strands of interpreting, analysing, evaluation and creating texts from the Literacy strand of the curriculum.

There are 18 different imaginative and informative texts provided in this book (including familiar tales like Chicken Licken and Rub-a-dub-dub), and each text has a teacher information page and two comprehension/activity pages (seen below).

IMG_4526 IMG_4527


The format of all these pages are simple, clear and perfect for completing as a whole class, or with small groups of students. I’ve used samples of these pages with my class during Literacy rotations, with parents working with a small group, reading through the text and working through the corresponding activities. This would also be great if you need to leave activities for CRTs because the teacher notes are included.

IMG_4525As with all R.I.C. publications, the curriculum links are provided at the front of the book, with all activities highlighted across the various progression points in a very clear, user-friendly way.

IMG_4528The next book I want to share with you is the Foundation book from the Australian Curriculum – Literature series ($39.95). Much like the Literacy series, the Literature series focuses on the Literature strand of the Australian Curriculum and its sub-strands.

It also has 18 different texts – original texts, retellings of folktales, fables, legends, myths and fairytales, including some Indigenous tales, too.

As with all their books, the presentation is very clean, and easy for young students to navigate. This would be fantastic for use with the whole class or small groups.

IMG_4529I particularly love the detailed teachers notes included with the series – as a teacher who mentors/assists Grads in their first few years of school, detailed notes like this are invaluable to supporting teachers in the classroom. Even those of us with years of experience can always benefit from a refresher or just a new way of approaching the teaching of familiar concepts.

The other nice addition to the student activity pages are the way R.I.C. have coded the questions that students answer. Each question has either a LC (Literature and context), RL (Responding to Literature), EL (Examining Literature) or CL (Creating Literature) next to it, highlighting the sub-strands of the Australian Curriculum.

IMG_4531 IMG_4532

IMG_4533The next series is the Australian Curriculum – Poetry ($32.95). This series has 3 books – Book 1 (Foundation/1/2), Book 2 (3/4) and Book 3 (5/6).

I love teaching poetry to my students, so I was probably most excited to see this book in my pack review. It has R.I.C.’s trademark clean and easy to read layout, just like the books above, but this book is broken into 3 sections – Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2, addressing the different poetry skills required at each level.

At each level there are teacher notes, curriculum links, a glossary of terms, anecdotal record pages, 9 lessons and 10-15 resource pages.

IMG_4536There’s lots of detail in here – again, perfect for new and experienced teachers.





I also received Set 1 of the Spelling Posters ($39.95), which has 12 A3-size posters featuring common spelling rules used by students in the early years.

Now, as a general rule, I don’t tend to use commercially produced posters in the classroom because I think it is important for students to help add content and be part of that process. Also, I find a lot of commercially produced posters to be quite busy and difficult for young students to read.

That said, these posters are very easy to read. Designed for the early years, they’re not overly cluttered, the text is quite large and all the examples are relevant to the learning point.

IMG_4541These would make a great resource when teaching a particular spelling strategy. As with any new strategy, it’s important to unpack what’s happening on each chart, but I think these would be very useful in any early years classroom as an easy reference.

(We’re currently talking about syllables, so that poster will be getting a lot of use in the next few weeks!)

Thanks so much to R.I.C. for the opportunity to review these products. Stay tuned this week for my reviews on some of their new Maths and Anti-Bullying resources!








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