Five for Friday – July 17th


I’m linking up again, so here’s a sneak peak at my week!


You guys know by now how much I love to decorate my planner! I really love this week’s layout (it’s full of writing at the current moment!) and I have a blog post up here talking about the process of putting it together.



This week our applied focus for maths was capacity. We talked about full, half-full and empty, and then read Who Sank the Boat by Pamela Allen. In groups students made a boat out of foil and estimated how many Unifix cubes it would take to completely fill (and sink) their boat.

We tested it out, of course.

(I couldn’t tell if they were more excited about the big number of cubes they all fit or the fact that their boats sank?!)



We’re in the middle of Winter here in Australia. It’s been quite chilly this week (for us).



Today we had a Curriculum Day for Staff Professional Development. During our lunch break our Wellbeing School Improvement Team put on a Christmas in July lunch for us in the staffroom. It was a lovely surprise!



Over on my creative blog, I’ve started a new series on Friday – Fauxligraphy Friday. These are all words/phrases I’ve hand lettered and then digitised. Check out this week’s collection. Feel free to leave suggestions for what you might like to see in the future!


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