A Bright Idea for Magnetic Tape


I’m linking up again with a quick idea for managing all those pieces on your whiteboard!

One of the biggest saving grace’s in my classroom decoration toolkit now is magnetic tape.

I know – it seems so simple, right?!


I’m fortunate enough to have 2 magnetic whiteboards (and an interactive whiteboard) in my classroom, but I only use one on a daily basis. My biggest whiteboard I do use for lots of different things every day, but I don’t often write on it this year.


This year I thought it would make an amazing interactive word wall that kids could add and take words on and off of.

But my dilemma was Blu Tac. Blu Tac is horrible on whiteboard surfaces, because it leaves residue and when you go to clean it, it smudges. I didn’t want to do Blu Tac.

Which is where the magnetic tape comes in.


I printed and laminated my word wall cards, cut them out, and add a small piece of magnetic tape to the back. The brand I use is completely flat so the cards lay flush with the board (which stops them being knocked off accidentally!), but the kiddos are still able to pull them on and off the board as needed.

Now, for those of you who need perfectly straight displays – this may not work for you! However, I like to think that the unperfect columns is further proof that my kiddos are actually USING the display to assist with their writing.

I also use it for any other displays I need to put on the board, too, like group names and other labels!

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8 thoughts on “A Bright Idea for Magnetic Tape

  1. You are very fortunate to have whiteboards and an interactive whiteboard. I only have one large whiteboard and a ceiling mounted projector. I do have a small whiteboard on wheels from the Early Years era. I teach in Victoria as well.
    I was intruiged by the coloured pouches ( loook similar to pencil cases ) on the side of your wb. What are they?


    • Hi Carmel! I have one of the whiteboards on wheels, too! (That’s my ‘main’ whiteboard, but I try not to have too many things stuck to it because of the size.)

      The coloured pouches I got from the Scholastic.com.au teacher store. They’re just magnetic pouches for storing resources in. I have magnetic alphabets in mine at the moment.


      • Thanks!
        My whiteboard on wheels has a drawer under it. A couple of weeks ago, we had a substitute cleaner. Not sure what he did to it, but ever since then , the drawer has developed a mind of its own and no longer stays shut!!! I have to use a little wad of blu tac. Gggrrr.
        Will have to convince the Wonderful Husband to come up to school during the hols to see if he figure out what is wrong with it. He’s the engineer of the family- not me! Thanks for the info about the pouches. They look great.


  2. Your classroom is gorgeous! So jealous of all the space! Two whiteboards- wow! I have the rolling one as well. I’m in a new (BER) room, but it is the worst thought out room in history. There is not one built in storage area, and everything is really high and inaccessible for me, let alone the kids. And I don’t have lovely colours on things, despite my best efforts to do so!


    • Hi Retta,

      The hats are my physical representation of DeBono’s Thinking Hats. We use them throughout the year to show the type of thinking we’re demonstrating. (I find that the younger students love having the hats to put on while they’re thinking in different ways.)


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