Twitter Talk Tuesday

Title-TwitterTalkI don’t know how many of you use Twitter (if you do, leave me your username below!), but I love to use it for professional reading.

It’s similar to how I use teacher blogs to get a peek at what other teachers around the world are doing, or the new ideas they’re trying, or just the good old tips and tricks that work really well for them. I do find on Twitter, though, that teachers tend to post links to articles or blog posts with more of a professional learning spin to them, and I love that.

So, today I’m going to share a couple of the links that I’ve loved reading this week. Hopefully you’ll get as much out of them as I did!

11 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers – I loved this article because it corresponds so much with my own teaching philosophy. There’s not single point in the article that I don’t agree with or think is pertinent to teaching. This is a great article for all teachers to read, but I think it’s especially important for teachers new to the profession, or people considering the profession. Teaching is amazing, but it’s not easy.

Top 3 Podcasts for Teacher Professional Learning – I’m a public transport user, and I love listening to things on my ipod/iphone when I’m travelling. This year one of my goals is to get back into listening to podcasts because I do love to listen to people talk about things they’re passionate about. This blog post has links to 3 podcasts for teachers and I think this is also a wonderful way to get in some extra professional development without having to set aside time or money to do it. Listen to them in the car, put them on while you’re doing housework, etc!

What Is The Best Thing You Can Do To Prepare Your Child For Learning The Alphabet? – I bet if you’re a teacher you can answer this one straight away, but as a Prep/Foundation/Kindergarten teacher articles like this really stick with me because it seems like such a simple answer, but not everyone knows how to support their pre-readers. This is a great (short) article for parents.

You Are What You Wear – This one’s not a teaching-related article, but it’s certainly something that teachers need to be aware of. How does society typecast boys and girls, based on clothing? Parents and teachers know that toys are very rarely enjoyed just by the gender that they are designed for, and the same holds true for clothing. Well worth a read, if you’re up for it!

15 Mistakes New Teachers Make (and What I Learnt Making Them) – Another really fabulous article, and one I can definitely relate to. Teaching is a steep learning curve, and all of the points here are incredibly valid. Have a read and share with any new teachers you might know.

I hope everyone’s had a wonderful start to the week. Leave your Twitter username below, or follow me @stefgalvin. And if you’ve read anything that’s resonated with you this week, I’d love for you to drop the link to it in a comment!




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