Happy 2015 and Future Blogging Plans

I did post this yesterday, but I want to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very HAPPY New Year!

I hope that 2015 is an amazing year for each and every one of you!

This year I’m setting myself some goals for Miss Galvin Learns. I’m hoping that they’re achievable and that I’m able to bring you some fantastic content this year on a regular basis.

My goal is three posts a week (with some content that I’ll be able to prepare in advance), along with any special events, linky parties/etc that come up. I’ll also be trying to better utilise my Miss Galvin Learns Youtube channel this year as well.

So, without further ado, here is my proposed schedule:

Tuesdays: Text Talk Tuesdays – I’ll share some of my favourite children’s literature, as well as some books that I’m reading to review for you all. This will include Picturebooks and hopefully some early chapter books and Young Adult novels (when I have the time to read them, of course!).

Fridays: Five for Friday – This is the weekly linky party hosted by Doodlebugs Teaching, and I hope to use this as an opportunity to share what’s happening in my classroom on a weekly basis, along with descriptions and explanations.

Sundays: Showcase – On Sundays I’ll be sharing any new products in my TpT store, and special projects, craft ideas, etc.

I’d love your feedback – is there anything else you would like to see me sharing on my blog during the week?

My thoughts for my Youtube channel this year include showcasing some of my own products from TpT, reviewing other fantastic teaching resources that I’ve purchased (both from TpT and elsewhere) and sharing short tips for you to use in your classroom.

What else would you be interested in seeing videos on?

I’d love for you all to leave me some comments letting me know your thoughts!

And, having laid out my Grand Plans for 2015 – I am still on holidays and thus won’t be in a proper posting routine until I get home. I will try to share some of these things over the next few weeks, but please forgive me if I fall behind! I will be 100% back on board in the last 2 weeks of January!

Until next time, enjoy your week!


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