A Bright Idea for Storing Math Resources



As teaches, we accumulate, use and store A LOT of different resources. Most we pull out every now and then when a topic or theme comes around and we need to use it.
Then there are resources in the classroom that we just need to keep easily accessible and on hand.
For me, that’s my counting charts. I love for my students to have these readily accessible for number fluency, independent activities and the occasional five-minute time filler activities that require nothing more than a hundreds chart.
For a long time I had them stored in folders, or in boxes on a shelf and when you pack materials like that up, it often becomes ‘too hard’ to pull them out and use them (even when you want to and know that you should).
Enter my file stand.
I bought this file stand when I first started teaching and was under the misguided idea that I could keep my desk tidy and organised (for reference: that was never going to happen!). It ended up sitting on said desk doing absolutely nothing for 3 years.
Then I realised that it was perfectly capable of holding laminated counting charts. And they didn’t need to be in folders. If they weren’t in folders, these counting charts would be easily accessible and easily seen.
If you can see it then you will use it.
(Or, at least, that’s my motto!)
Now I store this on a shelf in my classroom. It’s right within view.
It’s also neat and tidy.
I store any maths resources I need to be able to access quickly: counting charts, tens-frame mats, some sharing mats and usually a few relevant maths games, too. I don’t use folders to hold them because that would defeat the purpose of having them in clear view. Some of the items I keep in the stand include:
It also makes ‘packing away’ resources less painful, because they simply get slotted back into place, ready for next time.
How do you store your counting charts?
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One thought on “A Bright Idea for Storing Math Resources

  1. Hello,

    I have already signed up to all of the things I hadn’t already that you were speaking about in today’s PD. You were BRILLIANT! I love all of your ideas.

    Thanks so much for sharing everything. I will be purchasing from your TPT store very soon. It’s awesome to know that Australian teachers are sharing awesome resources.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    Thanks again for today.



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