Five for Friday (September 19th)




On Sunday I spent the day with my family at a family friend’s house in Torquay and our friend made me an absolutely AWESOME pink pavlova for my birthday! (It was totally yummy!)



On Monday my class celebrated International Dot Day by making these Dot Quilts – students decorated 6 circles with coloured patterns, then cut them in half and traded 6 halves with other students in the class. They look beautiful and bright on our wall!



Wednesday was my birthday. It was also the School Dance. So I spent 14 hours working on my birthday. (But the School Dance is seriously my favourite school event so I can’t grumble too much!)

My student teacher taught my class how to make those pink tissue-paper flowers for my birthday and one of my lovely, lovely colleagues bought me a WhizzBang Stapler (lol!) and glitter washi tapes. Does she know me or what?!



I’ve been playing with my new watercolour set. Having some fun!



My class is participating in the #GoZumba campaign with GoNoodle, and this week we were featured on their Instagram account. Click the picture above or here to see them dancing along to “I Like to Move It”! (I think they’re too cute!)

Happy Weekend!


6 thoughts on “Five for Friday (September 19th)

  1. Oh my goodness that pink pavlova looks AMAZING!!! Yum! I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of my washi tape. I ordered some from zulily awhile ago. I am going to create a pinterest board devoted to the many ways I am going to use my washi tape.
    Happy Friday and Happy Birthday!



  2. Hi Stefanie,

    Happy Birthday for Wednesday! I saw your class on instagram this week – gotta love GoNoodle 😉
    Those dot day artworks are such a good idea. My school doesn’t celebrate Dot Day, but I’m sure I can incorporate the art somewhere!

    Have a great weekend,
    Rainbow Lily
    Rainbow Lily Designs


  3. That stapler looks so cool! Love that you can see inside it.
    Torquay is only about 20 minutes away from me – so close!
    Hope you had an awesome birthday.


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