Back to School and Back in the Game!

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that all of my Northern Hemisphere friends are just starting back now, even as I head into our Term 3 holidays (towards our last term of the year!).

So, in honour of all my friends heading back to school, I thought I’d share some of my favourite resources to get the year going. All of these are perfect for K-1 classes!


Subitising is such an important part of developing number fluency in young learners and my Peas on a Plate subitising cards have been a staple in my classroom for years. Once laminated, these will be a useful resource time and time again!


I printed mine 2 to a page and 4 to a page to have different sizes available. They’re great just for simple number fluency, for games and mini competitions in the classroom. Once students feel confident in trusting the count for numbers to 10, they’ll become more confident recognising and counting larger numbers!

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 9.27.46 pm

This has been one of my best-sellers since I started on TpT! Perfect for First Graders who are familiar with identifying words and using them to label animal images! Available in colour and black and white options! Click here.


This activity is great for Literacy centres! Help beginning readers identify CVC words by adding initial sounds to word families to build new words! Click here.

What are you favourite start of year activities? Leave a comment with a link to your products!


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