Five for Friday – September 5th



Last weekend I uploaded 2 more unboxing videos onto my personal channel:




Every fortnight we have a Special Morning Tea at work – one of the grade level teams prepares a morning tea for the staff. This week it was the Specialists’ turn, and our PE teacher made this awesome rainbow surprise cake!



While I was waiting for the bus this morning, I noticed this spiderweb. No spiders, thank goodness, (because there would have been no spider photos at all, had there been any 8-legged creatures). Just the very cool spiderweb covered in water!

Also, I love that this has real world applications in the classroom – spiderwebs are amazing for art and maths and science! (And great for those kids who like writing stories, too!)



My birthday’s in a few weeks and I always buy myself something… only this year I decided to buy myself an experience. Kikki.K offer group workshops instore, and so I booked myself in for their DIY crafty workshop. So excited!



On my way home tonight I stopped by the local shopping centre (to buy my birthday gift to myself, see above!) and loved the colours of the sunset.


Hoping to have a few more school-related bits and pieces next week. It’s just been One of THOSE weeks!


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