Sunday (Life)Style – Finders Keepers market


I’m really excited to share my Sunday (Life)Style post with you all today. In advance, I’m going to confess this is an event I was saving up some money for – it is a market and it has a lot of hand-made, beautiful things for sale and I’ve got very poor self-control where that sort of thing is concerned. But this is my show-and-tell!

Twice a year (in Melbourne), the Finders Keepers Market is held at the Royal Exhibition Building. It is a market that showcases local talent (from Melbourne and other Australian states) who have various crafty/vintage-style businesses. It’s just a GORGEOUS market, and this year there were over 250 different stalls, plus live music, entertainment and food.

It was also PACKED. I went with my mum and we got there fifteen minutes early and joined the line. 5 minutes later, the line went back to the road. When we left just after 1pm (3 hours later) there was still a line to enter and the place was crammed full of people. It was nuts! But a lot of fun, too!

I have some photos from the various stalls to share, then I’ll share my goodies!


Outside and inside the Exhibition Building, and our Finders Keepers entry sticker!








The last picture is a photo of all the business cards/postcards/promotional stuff I collected from some of the stalls. Because all these stall holders were local or Australian I wanted to collect and collate their information for the next time I need to buy gifts!

Now, onto some of my purchases:


My lovely new necklaces, made from beautiful polymer clay (I think!). The first 2 are nine-bead necklaces from Emily Green and the second is from Dear Mabel.


Next up I bought a sample tea selection from Organics for Lily. In my set I bought Peppermint, Green Tea Citrus and Remember Me. I can’t wait to try them!

Then I bought The Very Hungry Bum – which is a cheeky (!) version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. There are also 2 more books Bum Magic (Possum Magic) and Where the Wild Bums Are (Where the Wild Things Are). If you’ve got kids who love parodies (or just bum jokes!) they’ll love these.  Check them out here.


I got 2 cute little terrarium figures from Meow Girl and this gorgeous Chilli Citrus candle from Zen Moments Candles.


Finally, the paper junkie in me bought some new wrapping paper. The Grand Plans for these paper rolls are for use in paper bead making. We’ll see how they turn out!

The first roll is from Bespoke Press (which sells cards and paper goods) and then 4 rolls from InkyCo, who had the most AMAZING gift wrap rolls. I think I’ll be making future purchases from them, for sure!

AND, on top of all my weekend awesomeness, I was SUPER LUCKY to get to catch up with Brooke from Teachable Moments this week while she was in Melbourne. One of my favourite aspects of blogging has always been the community aspect, and I’ve made such wonderful friends through blogging.

Plus, Brooke is just LOVELY! ❤


Now, I’m back to planning for our 100 Days of School celebrations this week!

What awesome things did you get up to this week?


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