Number Fluency Games

Hello again, my friends.

My sincerest apologies for posting twice in a  day, but I didn’t get a chance to post about my BRAND NEW math game over the weekend (even though I was able to upload it!).

I’m very excited about this pack, because I think it’s great number practise for all our early learners and it has a really fun food theme, too!



(Click on any of the images to view this product on TpT!)

This activity is similar to SERVING UP NUMBERS with a fun coffee & donut theme that gives you the opportunity to practise the same skills but with a fresh face! (So to speak!)

Also, as someone who has students involved in Developmental Play/Investigations activities, this would be a really fun addition to that time, particularly if you have a Cafe or Bakery dramatic play area set-up because it would be very complimentary!


In this pack you get colour cards for numbers 0-20 featuring words, numerals, tens-frames, tens blocks, popsticks and visual representations for each number.

Depending on the level or needs of your students you can add or remove different representations to practise the skills you are currently working on!

There are 6 ‘tables’ to place the donuts on (although they’re not necessary if you’re just working on matching different representations).

I’ve also included a numbers book where students record the different ways of representing each number.

It’s very easy to print sections of this pack as required (0-10, 11-20 or 0-20) and build the number booklet up as required!


First, lay out the cards you want students to use.

Students select a coffee cup with a number name and find the matching visual representations and place them on the table.

(Alternative: have students roll a die to decide which number to start with!)


Have students record their numbers on the matching page! (Turn into a booklet, or paste into Math Journals.)

I have quite a few students still struggling with number fluency and this pack is going to come in super-handy. (It also helps that they seem to be obsessed with donuts!)

If you’re interested, this pack will remain on SALE for another 24 hours only before going back to it’s full price!


Have a lovely day, my friends!


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