Two for Tuesday 50% Off!

05 TTT Summer Bloggin-64

Linking up once more with The Teaching Tribune for their wonderful Summer Bloggin’ series.

(Seriously, it’s helping with the Winter chill here in Melbourne!)

These two products are perfect for those preparing for a new school year!

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.04.25 pm

One of my first (and favourite) products! Now just $3.00 in my TpT Store

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.05.32 pmIn need of some interactive decodable books for your beginning readers? Look no further than these simple, easy to put together readers with a focus on initial letters. Over 200 pages for $3.50 in my TpT Store.

Don’t forget to visit the link-up by clicking on the banner above and checking out the other amazing deals today!


2 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday 50% Off!

  1. Hello friend! These books are adorable! Also, just wondering, how cold are the “Winters” in Melbourne? I live in Michigan in the US, so I’m just curious what cold is to you all over there;)


    • Hey there!

      I think ‘cold’ is comparative; we haven’t yet dropped into single digit figures (celcius) here yet, but I’m sure we will. We have a fairly cold wind-chill factor though. Of course, we have quite warm Summers and Autumns and when the temperature starts to drop you really notice the difference.

      I will say this, I’ve been to US twice during your winter (mainly New York and D.C. before hitting the west coast) and I never found it too bad to walk around in. Melbourne has a tendency to get very wet!



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