Sunday (Life) Style – June 29


So, I had the best intentions of uploading a video for all of you today doing a bit of a show-and-tell of my recent Priceline purchase because I got the most AMAZING goodie bag for free for spending $65 on skincare products. I’m holding out hope that tomorrow YouTube doesn’t throw a hissy fit when I try to upload the video.

Keep your fingers crossed?

So, instead, I wanted to share with you a project I worked on tonight.

Some of you might know (particularly if you follow me on Instagram), that I’m in to planner decorating.

I use an assortment of crafting supplies to assist with this – washi tape (I may have a small problem with buying this with abandon!), stamps, stickers and journalling cards.

Now, I don’t know about you, but journalling cards are SOOOOO expensive. Honestly, for little bits of card stock you’d think people would have worked out an economical way of printing and mass producing.

Anyway, I have a collection of Project Life cards and Me and My Big Idea (MAMBI) cards that I like to use, but while getting lost on youtube today (instead of doing any sort of planning for next term), I stumbled onto a video that showed someone designing their own journalling cards.

Why had I not thought of this? (Maybe it’s because I hate my drawings?!!!)

But, in the throws of woe about the price of crafting supplies, I gave it a shot, and I’m pretty thrilled with the results.


These are my original pages, drawn on plain computer paper with pencil, Sharpie pen. I photocopied the black and white images and then coloured in (using regular markers) on the photocopied page. I’m going to invest in some card stock to copy the coloured images on and then slice/cut them up as desired.

So, that’s my Sunday Style activity for you.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to upload the video for you tomorrow on my skincare goodies, but we’ll see how I go!

What did you do with your Sunday?


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