Monday Meet Me Linky

TTT Summer Bloggin 04-54


ONE I have a large (Italian) family on my Mum’s side and there are LOTS of cousins, as well as two cousins on my Dad’s side. It makes for some very entertaining/stressful(!) family occasions. I am the oldest cousin on both side – does this give some indication as to how long I’ve been looking after little kids? My youngest cousin started school the same year I started teaching and still thinks I’m cool, which is pretty nice. I have one younger sister (who is 14 months younger than me) who is currently living in Sydney.

TWO Once upon a time I was really nervous about talking to people about writing in role-playing games, but I’ve since come to embrace my inner-fangirl and just go WHAT THE HELL! Over the years I’ve written fan fiction AND written in numerous role-playing games, playing all sorts of characters. Currently I write in a Batman movie-verse game (I write Barbara Gordon/Batgirl and Bruce Wayne/Batman, as well as Jim Gordon when the occasion calls for it) and in an X-Men movie-verse game, where I write Kitty Pryde. (If you want me to explain any of this stuff, feel free to ask questions!)

THREE The last few weeks I’ve been really unwell, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a fructose intolerance. My sister had it a few years ago and went on the low FODMAP diet to help combat it. I’ve had to reassess some of my eating habits and say goodbye (for now) to a few of the staples of the food I’d normally eat. Thankfully though there are still quite a few things I love to eat on my allowed food list. (This, combined with a never-ending cold, has knocked me around quite a bit, unfortunately.)


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4 thoughts on “Monday Meet Me Linky

  1. How interesting that you do online role playing! It is great to learn new things about you Stef. Hope your new diet helps you feel better.


  2. You are soooooo cool Stef! I want to know more about the role play writing!! And no wonder you are so calm and sweet, being the eldest of 16! Amazing!


  3. Such fun meeting you today! I have never checked out any role playing games–will have to do that… :0) Be well!



  4. Hi Stef! WOW that is so amazing. I love writing – one day I aspire to write and publish a children’s book. I love all things WRITING. Love to learn more about your role-play writing – it sounds like so much fun. PS: I love all the batman series (the old 1990’s one as well as the new Dark Knight series)


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