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Hi all!

Welcome to your next stop along the Swap, Share & Give product swap train!
First up, I want to give credit where it’s due: the lovely Lauren from Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep organised this fun product swap linky and I’m so proud to have been involved in it. Lots of fantastic women have gotten together to swap products with one another and share our reviews with you! If you head over to Lauren’s blog you can enter a Rafflecopter to win every product swapped in this linky!

I was very fortunate to be paired with Yara from Sea of Knowledge and I was so excited to pick this pack from her store to review. This pack is designed for Kinder-First Grade students, and has a selection of Literacy and Numeracy center activities. Don’t forget to visit Yara’s blog to see her review of my product (Chicks Build Words)!

Next term my students and I will be planting our vegetable garden for 2014, and this is full of fabulous activities that are perfect as an introduction to us planting our own vegetables.


The first thing you get in Yara’s pack is a book introducing the vegetables in the pack (broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, capsicum, eggplants and carrots). I love this book because it’s a simple introduction to describing the vegetables, as well as including a simple fact on why each vegetable is good for you – PERFECT for discussions with my little kiddos.

I chose to print and bind the colour version of the book, but it would be great to read together on an interactive whiteboard, and there are black and white versions for students, too. The student books include some fun activity pages as well, such as writing the names of the vegetables, filling in missing letters and cloze activities.

Next up is a series of vocabulary activities pages where students practise writing the names of each vegetable, write a sentence using the vegetable in question and write facts about their vegetables. Students can use the information book provided OR do further research into each vegetable.

I know that for this activity I will probably group my students and have each group work on a vegetable and present it as a report to the rest of the class, which is a great opportunity for group work!

There is a set of rhyming word cards, too, focusing on the an and ar sounds. Students match up the rhyming cards – and Yara has a suggested activity, but like all center activities, the sky is the limit! There is a recording sheet provided, too, which is fabulous for having students record their learning.

This activity includes 24 sight words for students to practise reading, as well as recording pages for students to write down the words they are learning. Like all task card activities LOTS of opportunities are open to you – these could be fun as flash cards, for alphabetical ordering, write the room, spelling activities, etc.


There’s a great selection of Kinder/early First Grade math activity pages available in this set:

– Veggie Graphing
– Veggie Number Math (matching numbers and number words to 10)
– Writing Number Words
– Counting by 1s (to 10)
– Counting by 2s (to 20)

Each activity is perfect for center work or individual work following reading the whole class story.


This is a fun little game (with great instructions!) and includes a game mat. Students are grouped and given the name of a vegetable – and each vegetable has a counting rule (i.e.: counting forwards and backwards by 10s).

Alternatively you can have students use the counting by 10s cards and match/write the numbers and number words.

It’s such a fun pack and I’m really looking forward to starting it with my kiddos very soon!

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 9.44.17 pm

In keeping with the veggie theme, I have a freebie to share with all of you! The next class book in my START WRITE AWAY series is completely free for you to download and use with your class. (And my Northern Hemisphere friends, fear not, I have also included the US spelling of ‘favorite’ for you to use, too!). Please download and don’t forget to rate it and leave me a comment!

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 9.44.24 pm

Now you have the opportunity to win a copy of Yara’s Veggie Kingdom! Just complete the rafflecopter below for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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