A little update and some new finds

Hi all!

I had grand plans this week to post all sorts of stuff, including a post on some new resources I uploaded last weekend, but this week (and the previous few weeks, to be honest) have hit me kind of hard.

I won’t lie, I’m having a tough time this year with my class and the kind of school politicking that no teacher ever likes. This isn’t the right forum for going into it, but suffice to say, some of my enthusiasm has taken a hit and I’m trying really hard to recoup and gather my thoughts and get myself back on track.

It’s going to be a bumpy year (and we’re not even a term in, yet), but I am determined to enjoy my life if not always my work (which I hope I do, too, because I do love teaching).

SO. Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be writing up some posts on my new products: Alphabet Hop (Print Version), Alphabet Hop (Vic Modern Cursive Version) and Start Write Away. But feel free to check them out. If you have questions, drop them into TpT Q&A on my page, or leave me a comment here and I’ll try to answer your questions when I do my posts!

Now for something different…

I’ve been really fascinated by subscription boxes recently, and I’ve been watching a lot of people’s reviews on YouTube and exploring the different options (note: options are NOT endless here in Australia. Surprise, surprise – lol!).

But, given my recent mood and the desperate need for a pick-me-up, I decided to try a few different options (some on an individual basis and some on a trial subscription basis), and I thought I’d share what I’ve received so far.


The first box I tried received was Violet Box, which is a beauty subscription service in Australia. It costs $22.95 per month (but I got $10 off my first box with the code VIOLETBOX10).

So, what did I get?

  • Red Carpet Kolour (not pictured) which was a foil sample pack. It was a ‘body glow’ cream – but it was too dark for me so I gave it to my Mum!
  • Nuxe Creme Nirvanesque (white bottle, sample) which, according to the little card included, ‘smooths, de-stresses, relaxes first expression lines.’ Haven’t tried it yet, but am looking forward to it!
  • Be a Bombshell “The One Stick” (full size) in the colour ‘girl crush’ which is a pinkish colour and can apparently be used on your eyes, cheeks or lips. Haven’t tried this one yet – bit hesitant with creamy type products but one day I’ll be brave enough to test it out. Looks pretty in a swatch though!
  • WOTNOT Natural Organic Face Wipes (sample) – I love these. So soft and perfectly removes make-up/etc.
  • Aphelia Oasis Acne Solution (sample) – should try this because I’ve been breaking out recently, which is annoying.
  • Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon (full size) in the colour “Some Beach”. OMG! love this lip crayon. It’s a gorgeous, shimmery coral colour and it is so easy to apply. This has been my go-to lip colour since I got it! People, lip crayons are my new fav!


The next box I received was Nature’s Beauty Bag which is full of natural/organic friendly products and is pretty cool. I love/love/love! the chevron patterned bag it comes in. It’s just too cute! (I got the grey, but they also have a lime-green one, too. So hard to pick!)

What I got:

  • Rubifresh Cleansing Oil
  • From the Bean Green Tea Face and Body Scrub – I’m super excited to try this one!
  • Seraphina Organics Be Mine, So Devine Hand Cream – this retails for super-expensive ($40 a bottle!) which for me, for a hand cream, is a bit much, but hey, it pretty much paid for the bag, so I’m not complaining! One can never have too many hand creams!
  • Hurraw! Lip Balm in coconut flavour – one can never have too many lip balms, either!
  • Ultra C Radiance Serum – this looks super cool (it’s the tiny little bottle with an eyedropper!), and I’m very excited to try it out.
  • Australian Bush Essence Intensive Eye Serum – something else I’m very excited to try because I’m looking SO TIRED it’s not even funny anymore. This + sleep will hopefully help!
  • Pukka Herbs Love Tea – haven’t tried this yet, but I’m thinking this will be my afternoon tea today!
  • Kuranda Chia Wholefood Bar – this is chia and quinoa… and I do love my quinoa, so I’ll be throwing this in my snack drawer at school. (Do you have a work snack drawer? I think it’s a massive necessity!)

MarchWantable_AccNext up, is Wantable, which is American, and actually has 3 different subscription boxes – an accessories box (above), a make-up box (below) and an intimates box (which has things like socks, undies, etc – being American I just can’t be bothered to work out my sizes, so I’m not going to try that one). I heard lots of really great reviews for them, and they have a super fun survey process where you go through and rate things at three levels: love, like and dislike, and supposedly they’ll never send you things that you dislike. (I’ve found a loophole here, because I was redoing the survey earlier and I decided to ‘dislike’ earrings… except when it came to the rest of the survey I still had to select preferences for earrings. But hey, I’ll go with the flow!)

These boxes are great if you would prefer someone else to send you things and give it a go.

I wasn’t thrilled with this box, but I wasn’t disappointed either, because THEY SENT ME A SCARF! People, I am a scarf fiend!

What I got:

  • Philomena Ring – which is really cute, only a bit small because I had to guess my ring size. Would probably prefer to receive rings that you can resize because I don’t have ring measurements for myself and I’m too lazy to go out and have them measured – lol!
  • Felicity Bracelet – this is cute, but not especially my taste (I think it’s a bit dainty for me, to be honest), but I d0 think it’s really cool because the strings have little beads on them and they connect of two different strings and move up and down so you can create different effects. It also has an adorable little tassel on the end.
  • Rhonda Earrings – these are kinda cool. I’m not a huge gold-coloured jewellery wearer (I much prefer silver, or multi tone), but these studs are nice for every day wear. I haven’t worn earrings in ages so I have to make sure I can still get them through my ears, but I’m reasonably happy with this. (Hello, three pairs of earrings!)
  • Sonya Scarf – I AM IN LOVE! This is the most gorgeous coral-y-peach colour and it’s so soft and pretty and perfect for the weather heading into Autumn. Very, very happy with this one!



This is the make-up box from Wantable and I was a bit disappointed with this box, too, but again, it’s only the first one I’ve received and I’ll be giving it at least one more shot, because I think this is nice way to experience new make-up that I might not necessarily know about otherwise.

What I got:

  • Liberty Republic Nail Laquer in ‘Belladonna’ – this is a very ‘nude’ nail colour and I’m honestly not a fan. I actually get my nails done professionally (and have for years, for lots of reasons), so I prefer brighter colours for my toenails. I guess if you like ‘nude’ colours this is pretty cool, and it did apply really well with two coats. Luck of the drawer, I guess – would have much preferred one of the blue or teal colours from this series, but OH WELL!
  • LAQA & Co Fat Lip Pencil in ‘Bossy Boots’ – I love this. Seriously, chubby lip pencils/crayons/etc are my new favourite accessory because I find them easier than lipsticks (Shh! I’m lazy!). Plus, this is really nice, sheer reddish-pink colour.
  • La Bella Donna Compressed Mineral Eye Shadow in ‘Sulty Olive’ – this is pretty cool, too. Very pigmented, which is great and it’s a nice olive colour that blends really well. It’s not completely ‘out there’ so it works really well with the more ‘natural’ looking colours I’ve been using lately on my eyes.
  • Girlactik Beauty Face Glimmer – I think this is meant to be like a highlighter? I’m not sure, but it’s very smooth and creamy and very shimmery. Not sure if I’d use this on my cheeks, but it would make a really pretty eye base colour (and it actually looks really nice with the ‘Sultry Olive’ eye shadow above.
  • Sorme AntiAging Trial Size – Just a sample pack. Haven’t tried it yet, but I will.


Finally, I just wanted to share with you a tea that I’ve been LOVING for the last few days. It’s cooled down a lot here in Melbourne – and it’s even been raining – YIPPEE! (Yes, I do like the rain!) So it’s been perfect tea weather and Southern Sunrise by T2 is just AMAZING! It’s a hibiscus flower, grapefruit and lemongrass herbal tea and it smells and tastes delicious! I just bought some extra today to take into work so I can drink it all day long!

YOU KNOW WHAT? There needs to be a ‘teacher’ subscription box, with fun markers, display board resources, etc. Who’s an entrepreneur who wants to tackle that one??

Okay, so that’s it from me. I know it’s not a teacher post, but given I’ve been feeling a bit down, I hope you’ll forgive my lack of teacher-y thoughts today. I might post a few more reviews of the boxes I receive at some point in the future, but I promise I will not do them ALL THE TIME – lol!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. I’m off to go cut up a WHOLE LOT OF LAMINATING! (It’s a Sunday night tradition for me!)



2 thoughts on “A little update and some new finds

  1. All your boxes look like fun Stef. Schools are no fun when the other ‘stuff’ gets in the way, but you are such a great woman and those kids are very lucky to have someone like you.


  2. I totally understand the politics stuff, and I don’t like it either. It’s been around my school a bit over the last couple of weeks.
    What a lovely treat to get yourself! I might have a look at a few of those cool subscriptions.


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