Five for Friday (on Saturday)


Look at this people – I’m actually linking up with Five for Friday again! (Miracle!)

It’s been a hectic week, but here are some highlights:


TpT Sale 3 Million-02

Chances are that (unless you’ve been living under a rock – which is totally cool, by the way!) you’ve probably perused the selection of teacher resources on SALE on TeachersPayTeachers over the last 48 hours. There’s still approximately 5 hours left to save up to 28% off all items in my store. Just use the code TPT3 on check-out to get an extra 10% off my already 20% off items!



So, a little while ago I stumbled onto the OrganizedJen blog and (instantly fell in love) started watching a lot of her video blogs entries. She’s got a lot of great idea and tips and showcases a lot of products I’ve never heard of before. Like the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove above.

Now, I’m not GREAT with make-up, I’ll admit that. I’m even worse with cleaning my brushes, but this looked really easy to use (and is quite quick) and cleans my make-up brushes so well that I splurged and bought it and I totally do not regret it. (I got mine off eBay). Jen has a great video on using the Spa glove on her blog.



This was another idea I pinched from the OrganizedJen blog (click link for post). She uses this cute Orla Kiely make-up bag (from US Target – I got mine on eBay… sensing a trend here people?) as a ‘planner suitcase’. Now, my planner (an Erin Condren teacher planner) doesn’t fit inside this case 😦 BUT, my kikki.K 2014 Weekly Diary (a gift from a student/family last year) DOES, as well as all my much-loved pens, post-it notes and washi-tape accessories! And I use all of these things WITH my teacher planner, so now I carry around everything I need in a pretty, light-weight case, with my planner and I’m ready to go.

It’s all part of my plan to be better organised!

(Here is where I confess… I learn SO MUCH MORE from listening to and seeing how other people do things. Thus, these youtube videos have been great for me to get a sense of how someone else manages their organisation!)



This week I caved and finally bought my new Macbook Pro Retina laptop… (it should be arriving on Monday!!!), but also some accessories. A purple SmartShell (I also have a Mickey Mouse laptop decal on the way, too!), a spare laptop power adaptor (one for work, one for home) AND (in the brown box) a SuperDrive because seriously, I will NOT function without a DVD drive. People, I know that it seems stupid, but I ADORE watching movies on my laptop while I’m working.



F4F_4_TargetingMathsThis week I downloaded the new Targeting Maths 1 app (which is Australian Curriculum linked for Level 1/Grade 1/First Grade). I actually won a competition for a free code for this app, which was great. I’ve blogged about the Targeting Maths Level 2 app before, as well, because I think these apps are just SO WELL MADE. (Seriously, I was gushing to my Prin, computer tech and colleagues about them last night.)

It’s so hard to find high quality, Australian-curriculum linked apps so this is just FANTASTIC.

This will be put into maths activities this week, because it has multiplayer options for up to 4 players making it great for group work (especially since I only have my own personal iPad in the classroom).

I am dying in anticipation of the Foundation app being released. Seriously – people, I’m on the edge of my seat! Kudos to Pascal Press, who’ve great an amazing serious of apps.

(I should also say, I purchased the Level 4 app for my cousin when I was staying with his family in January and he’s a bright kid and he ADORED the activities, too!)

So, that’s it from me for today! I hope you’re all having a fabulous start to the weekend!


7 thoughts on “Five for Friday (on Saturday)

  1. Hi Stefanie! Found you through the linky. Congrats on your new laptop. I can’t live without mine. I love the organization blog you shared, too.


    • Hi Gina – thanks for stopping by! I know the feeling about laptops. My current, trusty laptop has survived 4 years of INTENSE use, so it’s time for it to have a bit of a break. Looking forward to learning all about my new one!


  2. Ooooo a brand new computer! Very exciting! That is the same as the one I have and I love it!!!! Love your organisation tips, I will have to head on over and check out the videos! I see what you mean when you say you love stationary!


  3. Hey Stef,

    Looks like you’ve been spending up big this week ;-). Well I luuurrve being organized so thanks for sharing your little tips and the videos. Mmm another good distraction to watch those.



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