The WRITE Stuff

Wow – in just under 24 hours, The WRITE Stuff bundle will be closed on Educents and all the wonderful writing goodness will go back to it’s normal price!

I have to say, it’s been such a wonderful experience working with the fabulous teachers who contributed to this pack, because we’re all dedicated to ensuring that our students received a wonderful writing education AND have plenty of opportunities to explore a variety of text types and experiences that make writing enjoyable!

Before the end of this wonderful deal I wanted to share one of my favourite gems in this pack:



The wonderful Shanyn, from Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists, has created this AMAZING pack that focuses on building sentences – walking students through creating a basic sentence, then expanding it to make it better – by creating compound and complex sentences. If you haven’t seen them in action before, do stop by her blog to check them out, because they’re fantastic!

I’ve got big plans to use these with my Grade 1s this year, who’ll need some work on sentences, and these activities are clear and easy to follow and use in the classroom.

Check out this fabulous pack – there’s nearly 1000 pages of writing resources for your ELA K-2 classroom! With a discount of 72% off the price of all the items included, it’s an absolute bargain! I’m so prepared for writing in 2014 now!


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