CURRENTLY February (and a tiny giveaway challenge!)

I think I missed linking up in January, but I’m back to it this month! Click the picture below to link up with Farley for another month of Currently!


LISTENING I have a good friend who I do a lot of writing with online who’s recently reminded me how much I enjoy listening to Tori Amos and Sleeps with Butterflies is one of my favourites!

LOVING That yesterday I got to met three very awesome ladies whom I’ve gotten to know through blogging! Paula, Alison and Bec are absolutely gorgeous and so knowledgeable. We had a great time chatting over lunch in Kyneton, which was a bit of mid-point for all of us because we all come from different parts of the State! It’s amazing the connections I’ve made through blogging and I can’t wait for another opportunity to catch up with them!

THINKING About all the things I want to do in the classroom next week. Last week… well, things didn’t quite go to plan on the first day for Preps (but that’s life) and having had a chat to the three ladies above, I definitely have some new ideas for the new week! (Also, Paula has reignited my passion for trying to implement Daily 5 so that’s definitely on the list!)

WANTING To complete all my planners for the term. We have planners coming out of our ears – A general overview (which includes sound focuses, writing text types, grammar, maths overview, IS overviews and important dates), an Integrated Studies planner (which is pretty much done – just need to differentiate UP for the Grade 1s), Maths term planner, this week’s planner (which is also pretty much done except for differentiating up for the 1s), organising a CRT planner for Wednesday while I’m doing Prep entrance assessments and THEN I’LL BE DONE!

NEEDING The Heatwaves that keep popping up in Victoria to GO AWAY. The heat and I do not get along very well together! Bring on cooler weather and winter clothing… you can always get warmer, but it’s so HARD to get cooler in Summer.

2 TRUTHS AND A FIB… I was going to reveal this, but if you can guess which point is the fib, you can pick any item from my store for free!


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4 thoughts on “CURRENTLY February (and a tiny giveaway challenge!)

  1. Please, please, please send some of your heat to the U.S.A.! We were excited to have our second day of temperatures in the 50oF range in Georgia–it helped to defrost the two inches of snow that kept us out of school for two days!

    I’m also excited to post on an Aussie blog! Yippee!

    The Polka-dotted Teacher


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