Another peak in the classroom!

Hello, friends!

Today was my first day back for 2014 – a student-free day while the staff had meetings during the day. It was busy, but I did manage to get my Word Wall up today, which is very exciting.

I have an entire wall of pinboards at the back of my room – dubbed the Rainbow Wall because I covered it in different lengths of coloured cotton. This year I have decided to section off parts of it for permanent displays like a word wall and a Maths Focus Wall. (The maths wall hasn’t been finished yet – hopefully a job for tomorrow!)

However, the Word Wall is good to go and I wanted to share it because I’ve never (please contain your gasps of horror!) had a traditional word wall before.


It’s quite large, but I figured if I was going to use it effectively, it needed to be large enough for my kiddos to use and find words easily.

At my school we use the Magic 100 Words program and I used all 200 words from this high frequency word program to add to the wall (because I have some Grade 1s this year who are working into the second hundred group of words). Each word is attached to a colour level, and I’ve copied the words onto corresponding colours.

Do you use a word wall? What’s your favourite activity for your word wall?


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7 thoughts on “Another peak in the classroom!

  1. That’s an awesome word wall!! I use the Magic 100 Words too, but I have always displayed them by their colour groups because it takes up less room (not a lot of wall space in my BER room). I think I’ll have a fresh look at my walls and see what will fit!


    • Ah, another B.E.R. inhabitant (I feel your pain)!

      I used to display them in the colour groups, too, but I thought it might be time for a change. I’ve sacrificed a bit of my display space, but I think if I use it effectively then it will be worth it!



  2. Hi Miss Galvin!! 🙂
    Just curious about your word wall… what you have put up similar to the M100W (Meow) words? We never learn this sort of stuff at uni haha


  3. Hi Stefanie,

    Just wondering where you got your word wall alphabet headers? They are adorable and its so hard find nice ones in vic cursive font!


  4. I love your word wall. In my school, we are lucky enough to have wall carpet so all my displays have Velcro on the back. I have used the Dolch Word lists as a basis of my word wall, but have added all the student’s names, names of local suburbs, capital cities etc. Theme words are in a different area and change with our units of study. I love the Velcro because the students can easily remove the words and take them back to their desks if they wish to use them in their writing tasks.


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