Back to School Goals


I’m woefully behind on sharing some more of my small goals for the beginning of the 2014 year here in Australia, but I’ve got a neat little tip that I honestly can’t believe took me 4 years to think of.

Here in Australia, we have 2 break times for students – a morning recess and a lunch time. At my school, morning recess is from 10:40am – 11:10am (30 mins) and the students spend the whole time outside, eating a light snack and running and playing. Our lunch time starts at 12:50pm – for 10 mins (until 1pm) students each their lunch inside the classroom, before they head outside for another 50 mins (until 1:50pm). During these times, staff get their break, while sharing the load of yard supervision. (If people are curious as to how much that is, I’m happy to go into it another post later on!)

HOWEVER. During the Winter months, invariable we have quite a few wet day timetables  – wherein it is too wet (we don’t get snow here in Melbourne, so it’s only wet weather!) for the kiddos to be outside and they spend the equivalent time inside the classroom.

And yes, the classroom ends up in quite a state, if you can imagine!

Last year I found an awesome way to combat some of that – I used a whole stack of Just Dance video clips found on YouTube and put them on the IWB for the kiddos to dance around to if it was a morning recess time. That occupied a group of the kiddos (plus our neighbours in the Grade 3/4 classes who’d come to visit and dance!). On a wet day lunch, I’d normally put on a movie, because it’s a slightly longer time to be stuck inside.

All that said, there are ALWAYS kids who don’t want to dance and don’t want to watch a movie and spend the entire time trying to find things to do in the classroom, all the while trying to remember which resources they’re allowed to use.

Here’s my new tip that I seriously wish I’d thought of in my first year when the kids emptied containers of glitter ALL OVER THE CLASSROOM during a wet day timetable.


This little picture is going to be my saving grace during wet day timetables this year. See that cute little raincloud (drawn by the amazing Mel – From the Pond)? I’m going to laminate a whole bunch of these little cuties and attack them to the containers/tubs that students are allowed to access without asking during wet day timetables.

Obviously, it will take some practise, but I think such a simple visual will help my Preps/Grade 1s to know what is okay for them to take out on their own.

Do you have a new tip or goal that you’re trying out? Feel free to share in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Back to School Goals

  1. Hi Steph,
    FYI, your blog posts on goals for 2014 have inspired some posts of my own so thank you.
    I notice that our bell times are the same! We only switched to it last year and it has taken some getting used to. I also discovered the Just Dance YouTube clips last year and they are fantastic at getting the kids to use some energy during break times inside so they’re not so restless during learning time. Last year, my kids had 1:1 net books so if they didn’t dance, they were able to use those as long as the battery didn’t fall below 50%. This year, I will probably be putting movies on at lunchtime to keep my younger ones busy and maybe a visit to the gym to let out some energy. Love your ideas!
    Katelyn 🙂


  2. Hi Stef,
    I do exactly the same thing! I have big cupboards in my room so I put all the wet weather stuff in a few of the set cupboards. I just put a black dot on the outside (I love your picture idea). Plus I have a big A1 poster that I keep on the board with a list of appropriate play stuff on there, one list for recess and one for lunch. I’m mean, I won’t let them play with the dress-ups at recess because it’s just too messy! Happy 2014 school year 🙂
    Books, Bugs and Boxes


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