Pocket Chart Poetry (and Giveaway)

One thing I absolutely love doing with my kids is singing.

I love to sing. I’m, by no means, a great (or even good) singer, but I love to do it, and I think the enjoyment I get out of it when I sing with my class is what draws them, regardless of how often I fall out of tune! Kids respond to adults enjoying themselves and having a good time, and they’ll join in. They have such a beautiful, carefree nature in that regards.

Last year, one of my favourite tunes to use was the song Ten Little Indians. Whatever the occasion, my class and I would just change out the word ‘indian’ for a seasonal or topical word for the time that we’d burst into song.

Some of you may recall the freebie poems I’ve shared in the past – Ten Little Reindeer, Ten Little Autumn Leaves, and Ten Little Easter Bunnies (click the links to download). Last year I started creating these as simple pocket chart poetry sets for my kiddos, starting with Ten Little Elves, as we celebrated the holiday season with Elfina (our Elf on the Shelf).

Now, I thought that my class would get bored with the same tune, BUT it was actually quite the opposite. Because they knew the tune, the familiar passage of words, they really enjoyed having just one or two words changed. They worked on fluency, switching between singing and reading – and reading with expression – along with tracking the words on the board/pocket chart/poetry page.

Fro 2014, I’ve already prepared the first of our Ten Little pocket chart poetry sets – Ten Little Hearts, all ready for Valentine’s Day.


In this little set (which is only $1.50!), you get colour and BLM copies of the poem, plus tracing copies and copying copies (which I love to use for handwriting practise!), and versions with and without pictures so that students can choose how they illustrate their copy.


I know lots of people enjoy using poetry with the K-2 kids (it’s fabulous for engagement and fluency, not to mention enjoyment) and keep poetry journals, so these pages are fabulous for that sort of record keeping.

You also get ALL the words from the poem on individual cards to use in a pocket chart – students can sort and build the poem, practise reading it with fun points and different voices! Have them share their reading with the class for a truly special, authentic reading experience.


Four cards are printed to a page, but I actually made them a bit smaller, printing two sheets to a page (8 cards all together) so that they fit neatly into my pocket chart at school.

Click on any of the above pictures to view this poetry pack on TpT, or click here.

I’ll be giving away ONE copy of Ten Little Hearts to one of my awesome blog-land friends, so please join in the rafflecopter giveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope to have a few more Pocket Chart Poetry activities available for people soon.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some fun, Valentine’s Day themed activities, please check out my Pinterest Board:

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 1.18.16 PMThere are stacks of fun, easy to implement activities for all ages!

Have a fabulous day!



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