Elfin’ Around (Week 2)

I have to say, I’m having an absolute ball with the Elf on the Shelf.

So are the kids. At a time of year when getting any response out of them (on ANYTHING) is like pulling teeth, they come into the classroom every day and the first thing they ask is ‘Where is she?‘ And then they write in their elf journals without complaint.

I’ve only got 5 days until I farewell my current class for another year (yes, there will be tears) and it’s a pretty special daily activity that we’ve been doing all December long.

Here’s a recap of this week’s adventures!

We finally got our Aussie Animals Collector’s Album. (One of our Supermarkets ran a promotion earlier in the year giving away free animal trading cards – they’re FABULOUS – and we collected 2 complete sets as a class!) Elfina decided to share some facts with Hello Kitty and Eddie the Teddy!

One of the boys bought Elfina a Christmas present, so Elfina wrote a thank you letter and hung out with the Toy Solider.

She then took a spin in a very spiffy-looking car. Not sure she has a license, though.

Elfina decided to observe the classroom from a higher perch…

… only to be blown down by a gust of wind coming through our window!

(Oh my goodness, you should have HEARD the distress from my kids – she fell down right in front of them. They were distraught because they couldn’t help her!)

But, we had a chat and decided that she needed to be able to help herself. We were going to be out of the classroom for a bit, so the kids whispered words of encouragement to Elfina on the way out and hoped she would be okay. We even left a message for her:

… and she replied to us. They were VERY RELIEVED when we got back to the classroom.

The next day, Elfina continued to hang around the whiteboard with this vaguely creepy reminder…

Then she had a minor parachuting accident on Thursday. The kids’ theory was that she was coming back from the North Pole and got stuck on our ceiling fan.

A few very clever little kids suggested using our feather duster handle to help her down without touching her!

On Friday we witnessed The Great Marshmallow Fight of 2013. Elfina vs. Hush (from Possum Magic) and Wally (our take-home wombat from Wombat Stew). This was VERY popular!

And that’s it for another week! My next post will probably be AFTER I have said goodbye to my kiddos – it’s a very busy week – but I’ll be back to share the final chapter of Elfina’s adventures.

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

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