Back to School Alphabet Activities

It’s been really interesting reading all the Back to School posts from those of you in the Northern Hemisphere.

We’re already half-way through our third term here in Australia (and my oh my, what a busy third term it’s been!). I’ve been a little lax in posting due to extra jobs I’ve had to do in relation to our school concert which is next week. Costumes, sets, choreography (of which, I did very little – my Grade 1s came up with a fabulous dance!).

And now I’m home sick, trying to get over this ridiculous cold that I’ve had for over a week.

But, it means I can catch up on posts, and also share some new alphabet packs that I’ve been working on that would be perfect for back to school!

Click on the cover images to see them in my TpT store.

All these packs feature the awesome Alphabet Clipart by Graphics from the Pond!

You can also find all of these packs in my TeachersNotebook Store.

2 thoughts on “Back to School Alphabet Activities

  1. They help me carry around all the heavy furniture that was put in the middle of my classroom after they cleaned the carpets. 🙂


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