I Have a Problem!

But it’s a problem that makes me HAPPY!

Look what arrived in the mail today – perfect timing on July 1st!

Oh, my goodness! How exciting!

(And I was 30 minutes from walking out to see Henry Cavill Man of Steel, too, so it’s been a VERY exciting day!)

Look at my goodies! Erin Condren Teacher Planner, pens AND extra notepads (because I love to scribble down notes!).

Yes, it cost me money I probably should have spent… but I did buy it after I finished writing reports. And yes, $40ish dollars is expensive for shipping, but I’ve paid more for less and this thing is SO lovely that it will be used inside/out and loved to death by next year. So I figure it’s worth it!

Look at the inside awesomeness! Granted, it’s a July-June planner (and here in Australia we work from Jan-Dec), but this gorgeous little thing will see me through the rest of this school year, and continue to serve me well into the next school year in 2014. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Planner stickers, big pockets, little pockets, shiny notepad that I stuck inside the back cover AND cute little stickers. (The 6 bight coloured stickers I got in the planner, and the darker stickers on the left were free samples – total love! I’ve used one already!)

So now I have 2 major loves in my life – my Teacher Planner AND my MacBook Pro. If this isn’t incentive enough to stay organised, I don’t know WHAT is!

Plus, I did go to see Man of Steel and loved it. Even liked Russell Crowe, and I’m not a big fan of his. Amy Adams is the best Lois Lane I’ve seen in ages.

And then… I may have done a tiny bit of shopping. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!

Look at the pretty!

I got the beautiful bag, scarf and belt for only $50! Love!

Then, I added to my Washi Tape collection (okay, so maybe I have MORE than one problem…), picked up another set of alphabet stamps for the classroom, AND found a ‘Pinned’ stamp (only $1) from Typo!

And that’s how I’ve spent the first official day of my mid-term break!

What’s been the highlight of YOUR day?

11 thoughts on “I Have a Problem!

    • Primarily, I get my Washi Tape from Typo (Cotton On’s stationary store – there’s a link in the post and I think you can buy it online). They have larger rolls. Otherwise I source the washi tape from Etsy – you can get some pretty good deals with multiple rolls for less than $20 or so. Plus, they have SO much choice!

      Sadly, I never need an excuse for a comic book movie. 😉 You’ll enjoy it, though. It was very Batman Begins, but not as dark (because Superman’s never been that dark). Lots of property damage, though! 🙂



  1. Thanks for the tip on washi tape – I just need to find a way to use what I buy now!

    I’ve been trying to get my boy to come and see Superman with me, but he doesn’t want to see it 😦 Like you, I’ll see any comic book movie!

    Down Under Teacher


    • No worries! Yesterday I covered some Ikea frames in Washi Tape! So useful… I’ve decorated pegs/magnets, etc. Also, it’s good for using on whiteboards because it peels off without leaving residue, so I’ve been contemplating using it to section off my big board in the classroom.

      I fully advocate going to see the movie! I went by myself (I love going to the movies by myself – so relaxing!) and had a great time. 🙂 Hope you get to see it, Kylie!


  2. Sorry to sound ignorant, but what is washi tape?

    I have spent the first few days of holidays getting inspired for next term by others blogs. Now I have lots of creating, decorating, cutting and laminating.


    • Washi tape is like a decorative tape, but it’s not permanent – it can be peeled off if you don’t like where it is, etc. You can see some here.

      I haven’t got to the laminating or cutting yet. I suspect that may occur next week! Enjoy your break!


    that planner is amazing
    i know what i will be doing my first year out!!! – (hopefully by 2015 they will have one for us Aussies!!!)


  4. Wow that planner looks gorgeous. Has Erin Condren made an Aussie school year version yet?

    It’d be great to also have the Australian public holidays/term dates/important events instead of American ones.

    Thanks for the great tip on the wash tape- I’m heading over to easy now.


  5. I ordered my planner at the end of last year, ready for 2015. I was so excited when it arrived!!

    As you go through the design and ordering process, there is a drop down box where you can choose which month the planner starts on – perfect for Australian teachers


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