Currently (July)

Oh my goodness… it’s almost July! Where is the year going?

It’s almost my blog’s second birthday (in just a few days) – what do you think I should do to celebrate? I need ideas, my friends!

But, the important part of this post is being hosted by Farley. Woohoo, it’s Currently time!

I won’t elaborate on everything in this currently, but I do want to elaborate on the Tips/Tricks/Hints:

It’s easy, after your start blogging/selling on TPT/etc, to feel like no-one’s reading your blog or no-one’s buying your products, etc. There’s a LOT happening out there in cyberspace! It’s also really disheartening if you get lower feedback/ratings, etc (trust me, this happened to me just this morning!). Don’t give up. Keep at it – you can only get BETTER. Be proud of what you have accomplished and what you’re doing and strive to stretch your limits.

And hey – you’re brave enough to put yourself out their in our crazy online world. Trust me, you’re totally awesome!

And that’s enough from me!

2 thoughts on “Currently (July)

  1. I found you through the currently linky!! I agree, it’s important to not get disheartened, because there will be some nasty people, but keep on keepin’ on!!!


  2. Hiya! I agree about getting planning out of the way even though it is summer. My teacher friends asked me if I have done anything school related because they have not. I’ll admit I am already long range planning. Have a super summer and don’t work too hard! 🙂


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