PD opportunities!

I’m rather excited this evening.

I’ve been booked in to Primary English Teaching Association Australia’s (otherwise known as PETAA) 2013 Melbourne Conference!

It’s entitled Teaching Language and Literacy through Literature and is addressing the new Australian National Curriculum.

There’s a couple of really interesting plenary sessions, but I’m really interested in attending a workshop entitled Writing is not rocket science: when teachers model writing. I love teaching writing, but I’m convinced I could be doing a better job and this session sounds great.

And the best part of attending this conference is that my school is paying for it! (Means I can save up for other PD opportunities… amongst other things!)


Anyway, if anyone else (in Melbourne) is attending, let me know!

How is your week going?

One thought on “PD opportunities!

  1. This looks like a great PD opportunity! The conference is in Brisbane during August so I would interested to hear how you find it =) I have a hard time convincing my school to pay for my PD as we receive a fair bit at school but if it’s good I may just go out of my own pocket. Keep us updated!

    Lifelong Learners in Prep


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