Serving Up Numbers game

Here in Australia we’ve just finished our Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

Funny, it didn’t feel like a long weekend. At all! Oh well… our school holidays are getting closer and closer. Three more weeks!

I did, however, manage to roll out another new product on TpT and TN. And it wouldn’t have been possible without the awesome graphics of the ever-talented Mel from Graphics at the Pond! Her awesome new pack, Plate It Up, made this all possible!

Join in a celebration of all things From the Pond on Mrs Poultney’s Place!

And now… let me introduce Serving Up Numbers:

Find on TpT

Find on TN

Essentially it is a really fun way for students to show all the different ways to make a given number from 1-20 – using numbers, names, subitising patterns, base ten and popsticks, as well as physically counting out counters/food images to represent their number.

Bonus skill = practising their place-setting skills! (My mum would be so proud – lol!)

The best thing about this particular activity is that while you can print all the pieces out in colour, I’ve also provided the blacklines of every piece to help you save on printing costs, should you choose!

This is a great visual for students, and will really demonstrate their knowledge.

As a teacher, this pack is easy to differentiate – simply choose the numbers you wish students to work with (1-10, 11-20, all, etc).

This pack is on SALE for the next 24-ish hours!

I’d love to know what you all think!

Enjoy the start to your week!

8 thoughts on “Serving Up Numbers game

  1. I just bought these and am printing them out as I type. Love, love, love them! Love buying products from a fellow Aussie too. Thanks!


  2. My long weekend went too fast too. It was good to have time yesterday to catch up on correction and work on reports but also to do some online learning and surfing. I love those Graphics in the Pond but am a little confused. Is it an app? How would you use them with students? Do you create the combinations and then print them or do they use them on their mobile devices.
    Guess there are too many questions, so I shall search further on the link that you provided.


    • Hi Anne!

      I spent some time in at school yesterday (we’ve had our OHS audit today, so we had lots to organise and do), so I know all about the school work-side of public holidays!

      The Graphics from the Pond are actually clipart graphics and I’ve used them to make a printable game. Unfortunately I’m not quite so tech-savvy as to make an interactive game/app… yet! The activity I’ve made I actually print out and laminate and use as a hands on activity for small groups of my preps during maths.

      I hope that answers your questions?

      Enjoy the start to your week!



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