You’re Wonderful!

Despite everything else that’s going on this week, I have to share this one perfect little gem from today.

Many of you know the very talented Debbie Clement, of Rainbows Within Reach. Not only is she talented, but she’s also a lovely person who shares wonderful ideas to inspire teachers all over the world.

I’ve slowly been collecting some of her wonderful songs from TpT, trying to find the perfect time to teach them to my Little Smarties. Today was that day.

This afternoon I had my Grade 1 students (a grand total of 13 kids!) while my Preps attended their Investigations sessions and I thought I’d try out one of Debbie’s beautiful songs – You’re Wonderful. If you’ve never heard this song, I urge you to go and buy it now because it’s a truly moving reminder that everyone is special and unique.


We listened to the song, and the kiddos started bobbing their heads to the music.

Next we learnt the words and sang it a few times.

Then we added in the actions in Sign Language – which most of them thought was very cool. We sang it a few more times after that.

Then some of my boys started getting restless (they were hanging out for the next chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!), so we took a break.

A few minutes later my very good friend, and my student’s art teacher, Rochelle came in. Rochelle and I are very like-minded teachers and so I knew she’d love to hear the Grade 1s sing, because next term she’ll be teaching them music, too.

So they sang to her. A song that they’d only just learnt 15 minutes earlier, complete with actions.

And Rochelle started crying. She was so touched by the way the kiddos had responded to the song and performed it for her that she had tears.

Our performance was followed by a big group hug.

You’re Wonderful had resonated so strongly, in such a short time, with these young kids that when they sang it to someone else, it was just magical.

We’ll be doing some activities on this song very soon, and teaching it to our Prep classmates. And (hopefully) perform it for an audience soon.

What activity has resonated with you so far this week?

4 thoughts on “You’re Wonderful!

  1. awwwww! I had tears just reading your post, Stef!! We’ve just started a “kindness Chain” where children write their names on a coloured strip and link them when they say or do something kind for some-one else … since my bunnies have been saying some hurtful things to each other and not considering other’s feelings, lately. We may be in need of this song!! x Jody


  2. This is such a sweet post – I think I might need to go and get the song for my preppies too. I love Jody’s idea of a kindness chain too – I have overheard a few “You’re not invited to my birthday anymore!” and “Hands up if you don’t like ___!” this week!

    Lifelong Learners in Prep


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